Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PC notebook or Macbook?

In the past, Apple at 1980's centuary launched two products - Apple IIe and Macintosh -were very successfull.

I started my learning computer using Apple IIe. Do you know what magnetic disk is? However it was phrased out.

Steve Job launched a new product - Macintosh for publication.

But now most people still use PC with Windows 9x, XP, 7.

But why PC could be more popular to people until the 2010? It was because their products are too expensive. There are many games available at PC markets.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cafe stall at CityU

Hi! It's me again.

Do you know that the cafe stall is very popular to students. Yes it is because their coffee and sandwich are cheap. I enjoyed their coffee seversl years.

Don't miss it.

In the time of deflation, a small coffee just sold at $8.0 but now $10.5 already.

Hope all of you enjoy the life with CityU.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Oh this is my first time to write my blog using mobile phone. That means the mobile phone can replace PC desktop or notebook.

That's why Steve Job described this era of post PC and IBM gave up the PC market and HP abandon their tablet market.

Google Apps

Too fantastic, last Friday's class, I was taught using Google Drive to be used in language learning.

Basically I just knew how to use Google Drive as a kind of online storage like iCould and SkyDrive. Oh it is out of my expectation because it provided users with instant communication. For example, if someone types his/her documents and shares it with others including public or private or certain persons allowed. The document is not only a common type like typing in Microsoft Word, but it allows users to give instant comment on the articles in documents.

Thus teachers may follow their students' progress online. In the past I just know using the email as communication channel. But now, Google docs lets me have new inspiration in using information technology on language learning.

Google not only provides the apps for Windows users, but for android and iOS users as well. Blogger apps let me post articles easily. To be honest I am using it now at toilet. Ha ha ha...

Too fantasitc !!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

online learning

Online learning: My experience of online learning

In formal, educational contexts

Basically, the internet provides a lot of resources with online users not limited to certain classes or groups. Especially the broadband service and technology was launched and instead of 56K modem, the online users can browse the information on the internet easily and conveniently. At the same time, the personal computers (PC) have been enhanced to super-computers level. It means that their speed on mathematical processing was upgraded.

              In the past, most people would be thought of using PC as database and spreadsheet. Generally there was no idea of online learning. Most PC users would learn how to operate their own PC before using their software like dBase, WordStar, WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3.

              But now, everything changed already. Since Windows 95 to XP, Mac OS and iOS of iPhone, suddenly most users would use the PC for their online learning rather than application of the PC software.

              In formal, on educational contexts, I will use the Bilingual Legislation Information System of Department of Justice to search the legislation contexts and find the legal terms in Chinese and English. It was because I took the Legal Translation at University. Thus I needed such tools for my learning.

              In the past, I would check the paper form of dictionary but now I only use the Yahoo dictionary. For my learning in translation, I tried to use Google Translate. It is powerful tool for me to compare their translation with my translation. Consequently I would merge two together.

              Likewise, sometime, I needed some information but no reference books at home. Online resource will be the best choice to me. Oxford and Longman have their homepage for checking dictionary.

              At university level, the intellectual property rights are crucial to every scholars and students. Since some online resources provide academic checking, researchers and students are required to submit the works. It can prevent plagiarism.

In informal – out of class contexts
              Since Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia online – was launched, it caused a big evolution in academic. It was because every user can be doing authors to write what they want to write or like subjects. As long as editor approved their editing, all subjects can be published online.