Sunday, February 24, 2013

Google Apps

Too fantastic, last Friday's class, I was taught using Google Drive to be used in language learning.

Basically I just knew how to use Google Drive as a kind of online storage like iCould and SkyDrive. Oh it is out of my expectation because it provided users with instant communication. For example, if someone types his/her documents and shares it with others including public or private or certain persons allowed. The document is not only a common type like typing in Microsoft Word, but it allows users to give instant comment on the articles in documents.

Thus teachers may follow their students' progress online. In the past I just know using the email as communication channel. But now, Google docs lets me have new inspiration in using information technology on language learning.

Google not only provides the apps for Windows users, but for android and iOS users as well. Blogger apps let me post articles easily. To be honest I am using it now at toilet. Ha ha ha...

Too fantasitc !!

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  1. Glad to hear that you appreciated the collaborative writing activity with Google Docs! Thanks for sharing these apps as well!